Terms and Conditions

Every time you order any service from us, you acknowledge the following terms and conditions

Facial Club Membership Agreement

Each month your membership in the Vibrant Med Spa Facial Club lets you receive one of the following four treatment services:

Custom Facial
Light Chemical Peel

In the event that you are unable to use your treatment service for a month, your membership in the Facial Club provides flexible options. There are three options from which you can choose:

1. You may roll-over your treatment service credit and receive two facials in one month. You can use this option twice in a 12 month period.

2. You may transfer or “gift” your treatment service to a non-member of the Facial Club. You can use this option twice in a 12 month period.

3. You may use your monthly dues toward the purchase of any service (not product) valued over $100. You can use this option twice in a 12 month period.

When all three of the flexible treatment service options have been used, if a treatment service has not been used in the designated month, the dues for that month will be forfeit for treatment service.

Facial Club members must comply with the 24 hour cancellation notification policy and the other Vibrant Med Spa policies regarding treatment services. Policy information and details may be found on our website: www.vibrantmedspa.com

Membership in the Facial Club is specific to the contracting member and may not be shared or conveyed to another person. This Facial Club Membership agreement is valid only between the contracting member and Vibrant Med Spa. Dues for the Facial Club membership are collected on the 1st of each month. The collected dues cover the receipt of a Facial Club treatment service through the end of that month. The collected dues may NOT be applied to products, gratuities, or treatment services other than those listed above that are specific to the Facial Club. Membership in Facial Club will automatically be renewed on a month to month basis until the member provides a 30 days notice of cancellation.

If the price of the monthly membership dues for the Facial Club is set to increase, the member will receive notification of the price increase at 30 days prior to the price increase being made effective.

Facial Club Members will receive a 10% discount on products for sale at Vibrant Med Spa. Specific technicians may be requested for service appointments, but are not guaranteed. The Facial Club Member understands and agrees that appointments for treatment service are required and subject to availability.

Facial Club Member agrees to and authorizes the following:

  • Vibrant Med Spa may initiate automatic payment for my monthly membership dues for the amount listed above on the start date and recurring payments on the 1st of each subsequent month while membership in the Facial Club is active.
  • The terms and conditions of this Facial Club Membership Agreement and the Informed Consent forms for each specific Facial Club treatment services.
  • Releases Vibrant Med Spa as well as its personnel and representatives from liability.
  • Acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Facial Club Membership Agreement.